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History of Nalandian Doctors Association

The idea of having professional bodies of old Nalandians was the brain child of former principal of the college Mr Hemantha Premathilaka. Drs. Lalith Wijerathne, Sudath Gunasekara & Ravindra Wijesekara got together to take this idea further and form a professional body among old Nalandian doctors. A core group was formed and the its first meeting was held at the Department of Rheumatology & Rehabilitation, NHSL on 3rd August 2005. Dr. Lalith Wijerathne, Dr. Sudath Gunasekara & Dr. Ravindra Wijesekara were the participants. The first name proposed for the association was Nalanda College Old Boys Doctors Association. Subsequently key issues were discussed at a general meeting and the association was named as Nalandian Doctors Association. The members comprise of medical and dental graduates who have had their education in Nalanda College. The main objective of the association was to promote health of students of Nalanda College in physical psychological & spiritual aspects. Target groups of association were present students, present & past principals & teachers of Nalanda College. Our association is not a funding organization. The inauguration of Nalandian Doctors Association was held on 08th October 2006. In recognition of their efforts in forming the association Dr. Lalith Wijerathna was elected the founder president and Dr. Sudath Gunasekara was elected as the founder Secretary. of the Association. The other member of the core group Dr Ravindra Wijesekera had migrated to Australia by that time. Second annual general meeting was held on 07/10/2007 at The Language Centre of Nalanda College. Dr. Upali Marasinghe & Dr. Kithsiri Gunawardana were elected as the president & the Secretory for year 2007/08. Following activities have been carried out in 2006/07 & 2007/08

1. “Guru Upahara” Medical Camp conducted annually
2. Existing health centre was renovated into Nalanda Medical Centre by the association with funds from well wishers and old boys. It was declared open by Old Nalandian Mr. Nimal Siripala De Silva Hon. Minister of Healthcare & Nutrition on 3rd July 2007. A medical officer of our association available in the medical centre on week days to treat students as well as teachers with acute medical problems. All the drugs are provided free of charge
3. Orientation program for students selected for Medicine & Dental surgery
4. Nalanda Suwa Vindanee Educational program -Monthly one hour health education programme with the participation of Consultants of our association was broadcasted over SLBC.
5. Mana Suwa Vindanee programme for A/L students of Nalanda College were conducted on 6th June & 18th July 2008.The main objective of this programme was to relieve mental stress of students. Dr. Sisira Karunathilaka, Lecturer, Faculty of Aesthetic Arts, University of Kelaniya conducted oriental music therapy. A lecture on reduction of mental stress was conducted by Mrs. P. Godamunna Lecturer of Kelaniya University.
6. Weasak programme (Buddan pujemi”)
7. Medical assistance at the Future mind & Innovator 2008 was conducted by Nalandian Doctors Association.
8. Medical assistance for the Ananda Nalanda Big match.
9. Medical assistance for School Medical Inspections carried out by the School Health Unit of Ministry of Health was given by the doctors of our association.

Third annual general meeting was held on 12/10/2008 at The Language Centre of Nalanda College. Dr. Kolitha Sellahewa & Dr. Prasad Ranaweera were selected as the President & the Secretary.
Presently the association has the strength of 82 members in various specialties. This year many more projects were carried out to serve the school.
We expect to continue our services in future.